Tools to Manage Product Development Projects

If  you are looking for new product software and/or a new product development process, you have come to the right place.  PD-Trak provides guidance and tools to facilitate product planning, product innovation and product definition (including critical items such as environmental and regulatory compliance requirements) with a cross functional approach.  It provides a project planning roadmap that covers essential activities such as prototype development, alpha and beta testing (customer validation), regulatory compliance testing, field or clinical trials (if applicable), product launch and transition to manufacturing.  These activities are planned and executed under the structure of a stage / phase-gate process. 

PD-Trak provides tools for capturing new product ideas with simple ranking tools to select the strongest ideas. A project is then created to develop the idea following the structure of the stage / phase-gate process which guides the project team to define the target market, gather customer needs and competitive data, assess technical solutions (with a focus on product innovation) and attempt to define a winning product strategy.  In some cases this product planning phase may result in a product definition, strategy and/or business case that is not sufficiently compelling in the eyes of the management team, in which case the project would be killed at one of the early gate reviews. The strongest projects will pass these reviews and proceed into the major phases of new product development with a high probability of success. 

Map In Your Own Stage / Phase-Gate Process or Purchase A Predefined Process Template

If you already have an effective stage / phase-gate process you can create your own process template within PD-Trak to create your new product software solution.  If you don't have a stage / phase-gate process to guide your product development activities, you may consider purchasing a proven process template from PD-Trak Solutions.  These process templates include a definition of the stages / phases that the project will pass through, phase objectives statements, task and document deliverables for each phase, a set of document templates and tools that are optimized for managing product development projects.  The process and related tools can be used as-is or can be adapted to meet the specific needs of your company. 

For examples of these tools click on one of more of the following links:

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Product Development Toolkit

Stage / Phase Gate Process Templates

New Product Portfolio Management

In addition to provide a comprehensive project level toolkit, PD-Trak also gives management the tools they need to manage the overall project portfolio.  Click here for more information on the management tools.